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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweating to the iPhone

So I joined a gym recently. I went two days last week and three this week so far. I think I will try to get up and go early tomorrow. I'm getting really tired of being up all night and sleeping all day. Each time I go, I try to increase the amount of time I use the Elliptical machine. I am up to 20 min. After that, I use the weight machines to tone up my arms. I think my prosthetic leg is shorter because my back seems to hurt on one side if I walk for to long around the track. I really need to get it looked at and leg that is, not my back. I hurt my right arm though...not sure what I did. I guess I strained the muscle. I really should warm up more before I start.

I really want to lose this weight. I need to. I am not getting any younger. I cant expect to be a good teacher if I cant physically handle walking around the school. I have to be able to keep up with the kids. Everyday I am reminded why I need to lose this weight and become healthy. It has never been like this before. I really do want to change. I hope this time I can.

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