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Monday, March 14, 2011

What happens when your knee decides to go in a new direction...

Last Thursday I was enjoying a nice quiet evening at the hotel. I only had six arrivals and they were taking for ever to come in. I decided I could watch a little TV while I waited for my guests to arrive. While I began to sit down my foot on my fake leg was pointing to the far left, yet my knee decided to stay pointing to the right..or front I guess you could say, and it popped out of socket. Instantly I fell into the chair and gripped my leg screaming, "Oh my God!" over and over again. The pain was immense. I felt like someone was simotaneuosly compressing my knee and twisting as far to the side as it would go. It felt like a giant's hand was just crushing my knee. My knee has gone out before, but it always went right back in. This was staying out. So I wasnt sure if I tore something or what. I called our sister hotel next door and told the girl to call our manager and tell her that I hurt myself really bad. By this time I was sobbing and could barely breathe to make any coherent remarks at all. Then I called my mom to come get me. While this was happenning the phone was ringing on the other line. It was guests or travel agents wanting to change or make a reservation. Instantly they could tell something was wrong yet...they needed their reservation right away...couldnt call back in 30 mins or so. I understand..they have to make their reservation but come on! I'm crying in their ear! So I tell them to call the sister property and she can take care of their reservation for now. Thankfully I just had the two calls. During this time a guest who was already checked in saw that I was in distress. He asked what he could do to help. I told him I would be ok and that my mom was on her way to take me to the hospital. Then my Genereal manager calls and asks if I have numbers to the other employees that work here. I said I wasnt at the front desk and she said well I would have to get ahold of them. I was so upset. What if I couldnt get ahold of anyone? Would she have not came in?? I said I would have the girl next door call people for me. Finally the asst manager calls and says she will be on her way. Apparently she wasnt answering her phone...but finally someone got thru to her. Meanwhile, Im trying not to move even though I know I need to pop it back in place. Another guest comes by and for some reason the giant hand that is crushing my leg decides to add a little more pressure so I start screaming at the top of my lungs for it to stop. The guests decide to call 911. I had already been sitting there for almost 20 mins with my knee cap still out of place. My mom arrives and she is telling me that I need to take my leg off but I won't let her touch me. It hurts too much. Then my manager arrives and she takes care of the front desk so thankfully guests don't have to hear me cry anymore. And the two guests that were helping me somehow vanished when my mom asked if she could take off my leg. Then the paramedics showed up. They said the only thing they could do was take me to the hospital and once I was there the doctor could pop it into place. I allowed them to take off my leg and they lowered the stretcher so I could scoot from the chair to it without much movement. As soon as I got my bottom on the cot my knee popped back into place. Instant Relief!! So I did not go to the hospital. The paramedics said that happens all the time. I used crutches to get to my mom's car and my step-dad drove my vehicle home. I iced down my knee and kept it elevated. The next day, it only hurt when I would bend it. It didnt hurt to put weight on it at all, but I have been using a crutch for four days now, just in case something happens. I have kept my leg off as much as possible and it feels almost normal except my knee is popping now when I bend it would if you pop your that cant be good. Im going to the doctor tomorrow (Tuesday) to see what they have to say about it. I pray I do not have to get surgery. I dread that so very much. That will really put a kink in my getting a teaching job plans. Here's hoping they can just put a big band-aid on it and call it good. =/

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